Afternoon tea at Fait Maison

I recently went to Fait Maison for lunch followed by a lovely afternoon tea with my partner. The place is know for its delicious cakes and authentic Mediterranean food. Stepping into the cafe was an amazing experience in it self. The venue is decorated with parts of different fairytales such as ‘Cinderella’ and ‘Snow White’, and being met by the most welcoming and smiling waiters the setting is truly set for a magical experience.

We started out with a two course lunch. I had a dish with salmon served with a nice portion of quinoa salad. And my partner had a traditional lamb dish that was prepared for more than 4 hours. The meat was as tender as butter and full of taste.

After having finished the lunch we stayed to talk with the staff that explained us about concept and history of the place. We also had some really nice stories form the waiters. The ambiance was so nice that we stayed for afternoon tea as well.

We are really happy having tried out Fait Maison. Excellent food and service. We will defiantly be back very soon!

– Mathias le Fèvre